Dr. Naveen Thota M.D., (General Medicine) D.M., (Neurology)

Fellow of Parkinson’s Disease & Other Movement Disorders (NIMHANS)

Dr. Naveen Thota

Dr. Naveen Thota

Dr. Naveen Thota is the First Movement disorder specialist in Andhra Pradesh. He pursued his medical education from some of the prestigious institutes:

  • M.B.B.S from Andhra Medical College
  • M.D from Guntur Medical College
  • D.M Neurology from SVIMS, Tirupati
  • Fellowship in Parkinson's Disease and Other Movement Disorders from NIMHANS, Banglore

He has wide exposure in management of all neurological disorders and has extensive clinical experience in treating Parkinson's and other movement disorders. Performed the First 'DEEP BRAIN STIMU LATION (DBS)' for Parkinson's Disease in Andhra Pradesh. A total of 50 patients of various Movement disorders underwent DBS were benefitted till date

Clinical and Academic Experience

  • Oct 2018-Till date: Consultant Neurologist and Movement disorder Specialist, Anu Institute of Neuro and Cardiac Sciences, Vijayawada
  • 2016 – Oct 2018 : Associate professor of Neurology : SVIMS Incharge Movement Disorder Program
  • 2012 – 2016 : Assistant professor of Neurology : SVIMS


  • Key member of the team successful in conducting APNEURUCON – 2014 And MDSI – 2016
  • Initiating founder of full fledge movement disorder program in SVIMS only centre in the state of Andhra Pradesh to do this work
  • Conducted Botulinum Toxin Work Shop ( October 2017) and faculty in GITAMS University, Vizag
    • Organizing secretary at first ever “Live workshop for DBS in PD” and faculty in SVIMS (May 2018), Tirupati
  • Faculty in “Botlinum Toxin work shop in Nerological Disorders” @ NIMHANS (September 2017)
  • Faculty in “Pearls 2018” ( December 2018)Nellore
  • Faculty “SYNAPS 2019” ( FEB 2019) SVIMS, Tirupati
  • Faculty “ Functional Imaging Update: PET in Parkinsonism” (OCT 2019)
  • Faculty “ Apomorphine Hype or Hope” pearls 2019 Nellore
  • Faculty “Multi Factorial Balance Dysfunction” December 2019 (Nellore)
  • Faculty “ Paediatric Update” February 2020 (Vijayawada)

Experience in field of Neuromodulation

  • Member of the movement disorder team for 18 DBS procedures conducted during the fellowship In NIMHANS.
  • Initiated and successfully performed 40 procedures of DBS at our centre (SVIMS)
  • Initiated and successfully performed 10 procedures of DBS at Anu Neoro and Cardiac Hospital, Vijayawada till date taking total case to 50
  • Actively Programmed 256 cases of DBS


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Dr. Naveen Thota

SENTINI BRAIN INSTITUTE, SENTINI HOSPITAL, #54-15-5 B&C, Ring Rd, beside Vinayak Theatre, Veterinary Colony, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520008 Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh